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Powerful inbuilt testing framework provided for business logic testing

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✓ In our typical banking system, we can have the below type of test cases.

Interest Calculation

Saving Account interest calculation

Current Account interest calculation

Joint Account interest calculation

Negative Scenario of interest calculation

Money Transfer

Transfer from saving to current & apply charges

Saving to UPI receiver transfer

Current to Saving account transfer

Test framework
  • API Maker has inbuilt 8000+ test cases to make the core part rock solid.

  • Developers can write test cases for custom APIs, and utility classes. Which has actual business logic and complex calculations.

  • Inbuilt testing framework can easily mock any API calls with intuitive UI design, and if required we can do actual API calls also.

  • On test case failure, show proper expected and received values in test cases.

  • If the test case fails, it will properly highlight the code line and its entire call stack, so we can easily find bugs in custom code.

  • Each developer can run test cases on their own, so they will run test cases before starting their work, after work is done and before code push, so business logic will never break.

  • All test cases are divided in test suites, we can have N number of test suites and N number of test cases in it. While running we can select a specific test suite to run test cases, and avoid other test suites which are not relevant to the current work of specific developer.

  • We can enforce every developer to write test cases of their code.

  • So, by using API Maker inbuilt testing framework, we can build a very powerful and stable and low maintenance system with very ease.