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Custom APIs

Fastest API development tool

Auto generation of APIs for MongoDB database

Auto generation of APIs for MySQL database

Auto generation of APIs for MariaDB database

Auto generation of APIs for PostgreSQL database

Auto generation of APIs for Oracle database

Auto generation of APIs for SQL Server database

Auto generation of APIs for TiDB

Auto generation of APIs for Percona XtraDB

Auto generation of APIs for Redis database

API Maker is the best tool for automatic API generation

Fastest API generation for databases

Superfast APIs automatically generated by API Maker

SAVA Info System Private Limited : ISO 9001 Certified Company

API Maker® Developed by SAVA - ISO 9001 Certified Company

We can quickly write & test custom APIs to handle complex business scenarios.

In Azure Functions and AWS Lambda

We need to
  • Validate user inputs of request body and request parameters and return a validation error message in proper format and user language.
  • Manage database and Redis connectivity manually.
  • Reset Redis cache on data changes manually.
  • Write websocket related notifications code manually.
  • Convert to YAML/XML manually.
  • Return code error message in user language.
  • Need to publish every time on change. Need to use command line tools.
  • Need to pay based on some request count.
  • Need to provide memory size in advance and use limited memory, because there are memory limitations.
  • Need to think about computation, because there are computing time limitations.
  • Need to maintain YAML/JSON configuration file.
API Maker vs AWS

In API Maker Custom API

⭐ Just write your business logic-related code and other things will be handled by API Maker automatically.

API Maker Custom API
  • Use auto generated APIs, events, utility classes, and system APIs and write business logic in it.

  • Download & upload, huge & multiple files using custom APIs.

  • Share custom APIs with others with proper authentication.

  • Leverage automatic caching functionality in custom APIs.

  • Manage [Create, Remove, Activate] API version in a single click.

  • Add multiple pre and post-hooks for APIs.

  • Automatic query string and request body validation with internationalization error massage support.

  • Insert predefined code samples in one click.

  • Beautiful error stack trace in response, error highlighted on a specific line.

  • Get real-time logs of custom APIs code.

  • Generate class or interface based on APIs response in single click for 20+ programming languages.

👉 Custom APIs can be good alternative of AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Edge Functions.

👉 In Custom APIs, need to write less code compare to AWS Lambda, Azure Functions and Edge Functions, because of inbuilt system APIs.