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API Maker is the best tool for automatic API generation

Fastest API generation for databases

Superfast APIs automatically generated by API Maker

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API Maker
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Auto Generated APIs For 8 DB Types | Custom APIs | Schedulers | WebSocket Notifications | Git Integration | Automatic Caching | Much more...

API Maker is Freeware
curl -fsSL > && bash --default --version=latest
Run above command in your blank VPS. Minimum 1GB RAM | 1 CPU | 20GB Storage | Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

API Maker is 100% freeware backend framework like
ASP.Net | Spring Boot | Laravel | Ruby On Rails | NestJS | Django
but API Maker is on 🔥steroids🔥

🏆 World's No.1 backend API generation & development solution 🏆

Low development cost

Low development cost


Fast & robust project development

Low costing of servers

Low costing of servers

No more code deployments

No more code deployments

Auto generated high performance apis

Auto generated high performance APIs

Query data across 8 database types

Query data across 8 DB types


Multilayer security

Easy scaling of servers

Easy scaling


Low maintenance cost

🎭 How API Maker improves your backend development process 🎭

Traditional backend development processAPI Maker as backendIt Saves
In every backend project we have common repetitive work around 60%.No need for backend setup.Time
Need to create CRUD & pagination APIs for almost every table.Auto generated APIs.Time
In agile development table structure modification is very frequent, so need to change & test base APIs every time.Auto generated APIs.Time
Need multiple high skilled developers in backend project and team is also keeps changing.Only JavaScript developer can easily work.Money
Dev | Client | Tester, need to wait for few minutes for latest code to be deployed.Ctrl + S = Changes are saved
Git pull button click = Apply latest code within ~15 seconds.
Bug fixing is hard because developer’s development environment is different then production environment.Both environments are same.Time
Sometimes bugs are only reproducible on servers because of data | configuration issues. They are very hard to fix.Dev can easily reproduce & fix on that specific server.Time
Need to create separate APIs for web app and mobile apps for common operations.Generated APIs changes their output based on request.Time
Developers needs few hours/days to setup their local backend environment to start working on it.No local setup required.Time
After code change, need to restart backend project to get latest output.Auto Generated APIs = No need
Custom APIs = [Ctrl + S] and changes saved & applied.
Backend developers needs API testing tools like postman to test their APIs.Inbuilt testing environment is given.Time
DevOps skill required for deployment pipeline setup and fix if issues comes.API Maker provides deployment.Time + Money
Code deployment servers required.No need.Money
Testing efforts are high as we have more code.Code is very less so testing efforts are also less.Time + Money
Higher configuration servers required.Runs on small servers.Money
While doing migrating of old code into newer technologies, We need almost same efforts because need to rewrite all code into newer programming language/frameworks.Auto Generated APIs plays major role and reduces lots of errors in it.Time + Money
Use it and find more...

API Maker® Benchmarking

788 Req/sec11GB1TB47k requests in 60.04s, 105 MB read
1458 Req/sec24GB4TB88k requests in 60.03s, 195 MB read
2759 Req/sec48GB5TB166k requests in 60.04s, 368 MB read
4529 Req/sec832GB16TB272k requests in 60.04s, 604 MB read
These benchmarks are taken on Linode shared VPS servers. You can deploy API Maker on any cloud provider.

Used Configuration for Benchmarking.

- Data size = 10 Rows & 10 Columns

- Database = Mongodb 6

- Cloud Provider = Linode

- benchmark_dataset.json

Deploy API Maker on any cloud provider

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  • Azure


  • Google Cloud

    Google Cloud

  • Linode


  • Vultr

    Data Centre

  • Vultr

    Any Other
    Cloud Providers

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