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Auto generation of APIs for SQL Server database

Auto generation of APIs for TiDB

Auto generation of APIs for Percona XtraDB

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API Maker is the best tool for automatic API generation

Fastest API generation for databases

Superfast APIs automatically generated by API Maker

API Maker® is complete backend solution.

Let’s develop ideas at 10x speed.

⭐️ The world is moving very fast, we need a backend solution that can match that speed in development & performance & stability.

⭐️ You will not be bound with us using our service, you can start/resume/stop it at any time.

⭐️ All your data can stay with you on your servers, or you can also use our database servers dedicated to you only.

API Maker® Benchmarking

Req per secondTotal vCoreVPS costingRAMSummary
1025 Req/sec1$16/month1GB62k requests in 60.05s, 168 MB read
1573 Req/sec2$63/month4GB95k requests in 60.03s, 259 MB read
4470 Req/sec4$126/month8GB268k requests in 60.03s, 734 MB read
23999 Req/sec32$3015/month192GB1325k requests in 60.47s, 3.61 GB read
These benchmarks are taken on Linode VPS servers. We can deploy API Maker on any cloud provider.

Used Configuration for Benchmarking.

- Datasize = 10 Rows & 10 Columns

- Database = Mongodb

- benchmark_dataset.json

10x Low development cost

10x Low development cost

80% of APIs are inbuilt in the API Maker, which is normally required in projects. No need to develop them which will reduce costs by 80%.

✓ The remaining 20% of APIs we can write in custom APIs. API Maker provides a full testing environment for them, so we can write out code and just test them in same place. Which will save a lot of time in development.

✓ Developers do not need to setup anything for the backend in local environment except frontend/apps projects. Dev server endpoints are separate for each developer so, they can directly hit APIs and get data from dev server and they can work independently from each other. It saves a lot of time.

✓ Many things like database connectivity, caching of frequent data, internationalization of error messages, single sign-on, access management, schedulers, events, and database migrations are already done, so there is no need to waste time doing them.

✓ API Maker store has many third-party APIs ready, we just install them and use them. Ex: Stripe, PayPal, S3 bucket …

10x Fast & robust project development

10x Fast & robust project development

✓ People who like to have business login in the backend will love API Maker, because there is a full testing framework inbuilt, so they can write unit test cases of business logic. They can mock any API call in the API Maker testing framework.

80% of APIs are inbuilt so we can always trust them for system stability and robustness.

✓ Custom APIs are like AWS lambda and Azure functions but more effective, We can just write our code and test them and use them. No deployment is required.

- We can use all inbuilt system APIs and auto-generated APIs in it. So for any type of database operation no need to manage a database connection.

- If caching is enabled for a specific table/collection, it will automatically use it.

✓ Getting backend events or getting notifications of any custom event in the frontend/app is just a few(4-5) lines of code, which saves a lot of time in development.

10x Fast & robust project development

4x Low costing of servers

4x Low costing of servers

✓ API Maker memory footprint is very small so it does not need high-end servers.

- pm2 shows ~60MB when we run “pm2 list” command.

- Node.js process information shows ~140MB including all underlaying memory usage.

$16 shared VPS can handle ~800+ Req./Sec. with 10 rows & 10 columns, which is very nice. Single get-by id APIs will be ~1000+ Req./Sec., and with caching enabled we can get ~2400+ Req./Sec. for 10 rows & 10 columns of data.

- These statistics of Linode servers. We can use any cloud provider.

✓ And as we increase server configuration, performance multiplies with CPU cores as you can check in our benchmarks

No more code deployments

No more code deployments

✓ Normally for code deployment, we are setting CI/CD pipelines, which will create a build from source code and deploy to specific environments.

In API Maker, git pull is code deployment.

- Developers will take the latest of the prod branch and do their changes and push code to their branch.

- In GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket or any git, the service provider merges the feature branch of the developer to DEV/QA/UAT/PROD environments.

- Just do a git pull from API Maker of DEV/QA/UAT/PROD and deployment is done.

No more code deployments

Keep organization code secure

Keep organization code secure

✓ The entire backend development environment is in the cloud.

✓ All developers will work on dev servers and frontends/apps will consume those APIs, so there is no backend setup in their local environment of developer.

Auto generated high performance APIs

Auto generated high performance APIs

✓ In just one click API Maker can create schema based on data/database structure, and generate APIs automatically for all tables/collections of the database.

✓ These APIs are memory efficient and very fast. You can check benchmarks for more details.

Stream APIs can get one by one from the database, so technically we can get an infinite amount of data from the database. Those APIs also support advanced features like deep populate and find across databases and database types.

- Stream APIs are very memory efficient and do not show any kind of spike in memory usage.

Auto generated high performance APIs

Query data across 8 DB types

Query data across 7 DB types

Find query can find data from any type of database out of 8 database types.

- MongoDB, MariaDB, MySQL, TiDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle DB, SQL Server, and Percona XtraDB is supported.

a deep populate of data, based on ID is also supported across database types.

For more details, you can open this page.

Multilayer security

Multilayer security

✓ API Maker supports the creation of N number of users and groups. We can assign N number of groups to users. We can provide different types of access to a user based on a group.

We can override access to a specific table/collection, which will need an extra token or token from a specific table or specific auth provider.

Multilayer security

Easy scaling

Easy scaling

✓ One node of API Maker does not need to know about another node. So we can create as many as servers we want of API Maker, and as we increase servers, it can handle more APIs/users.

✓ We can check benchmarks on how increasing CPU cores, increases the number of requests per second.